thank you teaching for…

totally stolen from dan meyer.

Teaching has taught me when to be a leader, and to be extremely good at sussing out true motivations of behavior.

Outside of the classroom, I used to take charge simply for the sake of leading.  This has lead to some hostile situations.  Now I’m much better about hanging back, waiting until the moment when someone taking the lead is actually necessary, rather than simply what I want.  (not perfect, but much better)

Because of teaching education, I had a fairly deep theoretical background in adolescent psychology and counseling.  But in the classroom, I had to figure out something to do for the millions of times “i don’t know” comes up.  Now I’m pretty good at asking “is [blank] what’s really going on” without being a total dick about it.

There is plenty more, but time management definitely isn’t one of them yet.  Sorry teaching, but I’m good with the first two.


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