quick post

A lot is going on, and the learning is coming fast and furious.  Today the student teacher asked if we’re worried about the pacing guide.

My response:  “[Forget] the pacing guide.  We go at the speed of the students.”  (i was feeling inspired by punk mathematics)

I’ve given a quiz every other class (that’s about once a week – block schedule) and we’ve already identified weaknesses and strengths in both Algebra II and Precalculus.  We’ve found that 4 students in Algebra II can’t read points off a graph.  We know that many of our Precalculus students still have trouble finding slope from a pair of points.

We may be behind at the moment, but we are not going to leave a student behind.  And in a couple of weeks, that patience and loyalty is going to pay dividends.

On another note, by simple counting my lack of grading homework has led to an increase in homework “completion.”  I say “completion” because I only ask how many people did at least one problem from the homework.


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