Reverse Business Model

For all that people talk about how education should be run like a business, they don’t show it.

In a well-run business, particularly manufacturing, you would start off with a goal.  Maybe it’s manufacturing so many of a certain object.  Once you’ve hit that goal, you start to optimize and cut back, until you’re still meeting that goal with the minimal amount of resources.

As I read over headline after headline about public education in this state of Washington, there are some key pieces missing.  They set a goal, but never put forth enough resources to achieve that goal.  Pick any goal you want.  NCLB state assessments, graduation rates, high standards for incoming teachers.  Each one of these was underfunded from the start.  Now they’re cutting back the funding even more.  Expecting teachers and students to achieve above a goal that was never attained from the start, with less.

I know it’s obvious to everyone in our state’s government that this is total bull.  But they can all agree, in a super quick session, that it’s more important to slash the budget and get home for christmas.  I agree, your time off is far more important than the brain trust of our future leaders, comma.