Teaching reading

I didn’t sign up for this.  I come by this honestly to myself (even if I won’t admit it to anybody else), I intended to teach physics to the best and most interested students.  I intended to teach math to students that were willing to work.  I didn’t sign up to teach reading.  And yet here I am, thinking about reading nearly constantly for the past two weeks.

Our school was wise enough to spend some money on a literacy coach, and even smarter to devote several of her days to science and occupational ed teachers.  I get the best of the math and science worlds, so I had the pleasure of planning out an entire block period around reading a math textbook.  She’s incredible, and her depth of knowledge was evident because in a few minutes we had a very usable process that students can use to read a math textbook.  To make it even better, it’s a recursive process!

Now I feel like my eyes have been opened.  Everywhere I’m seeing students that don’t know how to read word problems.  Students that can’t get information from a text, just run their eyes over it and say “I don’t get it.”  And now that I finally recognize their struggle, I can find solutions.  I am finding solutions.

So I didn’t sign up to be a reading teacher, but for my students I’ll gladly take on the task.

p.s. If I remember to post before another 3 months elapses, the next post will have that reading process.


One thought on “Teaching reading

  1. talk about a teaser….

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