Being Away

I left this blog hanging with a bad taste from that last post.

This deserves an explanation.  I’ve moved to Tübingen, Germany to stay with my wife while she completes a two year post-doctoral research position.

As I didn’t know German before leaving the US and I didn’t have any connections with the education system here, I’m not currently teaching.  I’m taking an intensive class in the mornings, cooking, cleaning, baking and riding my bike.  As I’m sure most teachers can understand, at first the absence of constant stress was welcome, but I’m starting to feel the lack.  Keeping a house clean for just one other person doesn’t have the same feel of purpose as teaching 100 kids to like math again.

I have to say that I am growing a tremendous amount in terms of understanding the cultural shift that all of our immigrant students face in moving to the USA.  The part of the experience that I’m missing is the demonization of my culture (I just had the demonization of my profession) and the barriers to communication are much lower.

If you’re really interested in my adventures, you can check out the blog my wife and I started specifically for this 2 year period.



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