Big Shift

I’m now on the East Coast, hanging out in my mom’s basement while I get ready for the school year and figure out a place to live.  I’m not doing the 30-something moving home bit.

The school where I’m going to teach is bigger.  Much bigger.  5.5 times bigger, to be exact.  Today I read through the staff handbook from last year, and I am reeling.  There are so many things that are completely spelled out and set in stone that we simply didn’t have to deal with as a small school.  Things like flowcharts for students in trouble and outlines of which administrators to talk to.  At my last school, everything was just “ask Barb who to talk to” and she was always happy to help.  I could comfortably confront any student in the hallway – by name.  I feel like a country boy moving to the big city.

It’s making me wonder how much of my classroom discipline and effectiveness was tied to personal relationships.  I REALLY knew my former students.  Will I get to know these students as well?  Or will I be just another cog in the machine to them?

Ack!  New school year stress and I only just came back to the US!


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