Love/Hate Science Fair

More on science fair?  I know.

Hate:  They have to fill out like a million forms, and get them in super early.  I had to take 30 minutes out of every class today to show them explicitly where the forms are, and which to fill out.

Love:  Student submits lame idea from a website on the Stroop Effect.  I turn it around on student, and make it a really involved experiment.  Student confesses they don’t care at all, they just want to get it over with.  Student and I discuss what is interesting, and stumble upon how to people come up with ideas.  I suggest my theory that people just take existing knowledge and assemble in interesting ways.  Student – out of the blue – suggests they give people a set of objects, and see if people end up building the same thing.  BRILLIANT!  I’m so in glow of this idea, and so is student.

The calculation is fuzzy, but if these projects actually happen, the forms may be worth the work.


One thought on “Love/Hate Science Fair

  1. Absoluter toller Artikel. Werde jetzt öfter reinschauen Vielen Dank und Grüsse aus Bonn

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