A Sophie Germain moment

I’ve been wallowing and angry and bitter at everyone around me for the past week or two.  I was all about blaming the students for their lack of reading skills, the school for not preparing them, their parents for being so passive-aggressive and short-sighted.

Yesterday I had what I’m going to call my @sophgermain moment.  I can’t change most of that, but I can change what I’m doing in the classroom.  I have control over what I’m doing, and I’m not making changes that help my students.  I still think some of them are acting like rotten people right now, but I’m going to check myself every morning and afternoon:  Is what I’m doing helping students?

If not, I’m going to shut my mouth and do something useful.

(side note:  I can’t stop complaining completely, but I’ve let myself get out of hand)


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