Culturalization(?) & Meaning

I’m not even sure if that’s a word. Just checked, it is. I’m noticing something big about my students as I’m grading quizzes on Momentum. Something about using conservation of momentum is making it clear which students are memorizing formulas vs. understanding the basic idea of conservation.

Here’s where I’m noticing something radically different than I saw at my last school: My perception right now is that I have more female students memorizing than male students. I have several male students that I know are grappling with the meaning, but only a few female students that consistently grapple with meaning. This is not how I remember my physics classes in my previous school.

I have no data to back this up, but my current perception is feeding into the notion that any gender difference in any field is more cultural than anything else. And I don’t like any culture that favors any level of memorization for anyone over grappling with ideas and finding meaning on your own.


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