This Blog is dead, Long live the blog

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Just a quick blurb about what’s changed since I started this blog long ago.

I taught for 3 years just outside of Seattle.  I loved that school.  I spent a year unemployed playing hausmann in Germany.  I spent a year in Northern Virginia teaching Physics in a giant wealthy high school.  Then we moved to Wisconsin.

Two years ago I was miserable in a giant school in Wisconsin.  I felt like the local board of ed thought all teachers were idiots out to steal from them, and generally speaking there weren’t enough competent people making decisions to do the good things people wanted the school to do.  I was also pissed about pay and benefits since Act 10 passed.  I made a decision that I would rather work at a school I liked for sub-par pay & benefits, then continue where I was.  The salary stayed the same, but there was a definite cut in benefits.

Last year was my first year teaching at a Charter school in Milwaukee.  I had more time to plan, the entire organization was purposeful and well defined.  I could see massive changes in my students because the entire school was pushing in the same direction.  I only taught Physics, and after a 2 month period of adjustment to skills and culture, I felt like I was a good teacher again.

This year I’m teaching both Physics and Digital Electronics.  I’m trying to edit the Physics curriculum so next year we have a thorough and well designed curriculum that is textbook independent (any textbook can be used).  I also have 13 boys that I advise and I’m trying to make sure that they graduate on time and get into the college of their choice.  I like teaching at this school.