The premise

This blog is on permanent hiatus.  I started a 180 school-day blog at

I have taught the following subjects in the following types of schools over the years:

  • Math and Physics in a small (400 student) high poverty health focused school just south of Seattle
  • Physics in a giant (2800 student) high school just outside of Washington DC
  • Math in a giant (2400 students) high school in southeastern Wisconsin
  • Physics in a small (350 student) high poverty high performing charter in Milwaukee, WI

Math is a shovel.  Yeah, I kind of don’t think this way any more.

Math can be used as a tool, and I generally use math as a tool.  I worked in a physics lab, and that’s what I did.  Now that I’ve taught math, spent a ton of time on twitter and blogs, and really got into math.  I’ve come to appreciate the craft involved in mathematics, making those beautiful tools.  Sometimes math is beautiful and that’s why we love math. Sometimes it’s incredibly effective and that’s why we love math.

Point being, if my student’s don’t either find math useful or beautiful, then I think they’re missing something wonderful in their life.  I aim to change that.


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